The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
The 22q and You Center "At The "22q and You" Center was established in 1996.  Their goal is to provide the finest diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services to these children and their families. They also continue to research 22q11.2 deletion, hoping to find out more about what causes it, how it affects children and how we can make their lives even better"

The Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence for 22q
The Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence for 22q is in Atlanta, Georgia. The center was created to serve patients and families with 22q11 deletion syndrome, as well as those healthcare providers who are involved in the care of these individuals. The primary goal is to learn more about this condition by conducting cutting-edge research to promote excellence in treatment for 22q.

UC Davis MIND Institute Chromosome 22q11.2
DS Educational Videos and Research at CABIL Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (CEDD) at the UC Davis MIND Institute, and Tony J. Simon, Ph.D., Director of the Cognitive Analysis and Brain Imaging Lab.